Contract Catering Company for Nurseries & Pre-schools

Hungry Monsters are Hampshire’s most respected contract catering company for nurseries & pre-schools. We’ve been supplying healthy nursery meals to many satisfied nurseries and pre-schools since 2011.

The benefits of contract catering

There are many benefits of using contract catering for your nursery or pre-school.

Firstly, you do not need to employ in-house catering staff in your nursery – Hungry Monsters, as the catering company, take care of this. One of our company founders, Martin, is a qualified Chef with over 35 years experience and his kitchen team is led by Kylie Hobson who has had a similar length of experience in high-end catering companies.

You don’t need to buy and maintain expensive catering equipment – Hungry Monsters, the catering company, takes care of this too. Our kitchen utilises only the most advanced and reliable commercial catering equipment.

And as a contract catering company specialising in catering for nurseries and pre-schools, we are passionate about healthy eating for children. Therefore you do not need to worry about whether you are providing nutritious and balanced nursery meals – Hungry Monsters, the catering company, takes care of this too! We recognise the special needs of very young children, in particular those who are vulnerable to food-based allergens.

We love being a contract catering company

For all of us here at Hungry Monsters, it’s a pleasure to provide tasty, nutritious food for small children in nurseries and pre-schools. We’re a merry lot and like to think that comes through at every stage of our contract catering service.

Questions about contract catering

Choosing a contract caterer is a big decision. We understand that nursery and pre-school owners and managers considering using a contract caterer will have a lot of questions about the catering service and comparable costs…

Try our contract catering

We would love to have the opportunity to visit your nursery or pre-school to discuss your catering options in detail. Even if you’d just like to find out more about our contract catering company and sample a selection of meals, we’d love to hear from you. See our FREE TRIAL page to arrange a call.

Hungry Monsters have been a contract catering company for nurseries and pre-schools since 2011. See our nursery catering page for more information on our contract catering.