It cannot be overstated how seriously we take Special Diets.

You are entrusting the safety of your children to us and must have absolute confidence in our product.

Once you have advised us of your requirements, we will email advance advice sheets which utilise a simple traffic-light system so suitability can be assessed at a glance. Where the particular nursery meals are not suitable for specific children, the similar, but safe substitute will be advised in detail.

The precise composition of each and every ingredient we use is thoroughly investigated and researched and we only source products from established, reputable suppliers. Ingredient compositions can change so we re-check labels with every delivery.

Further, the Hungry Monsters Kitchen is a completely nut-free zone and only our most senior Chefs take responsibility for the special meals. We even have a separate ‘Special Diet’ Kitchen to further avoid cross-contamination of allergens.

Special meals are delivered in individual tubs with the child’s name clearly labelled on top. Every diet requirement is meticulously and systematically cross-checked because in this area, we know there is absolutely no room for error.

In short, you can trust Hungry Monsters for your nursery catering needs.