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Nursery Meals

At Hungry Monsters we have over 6 years experience in designing menus which are well received by young children while packing in maximum nutrition and flavour. Honest, home-cooked meals don’t have to be tricky or complicated, just simple cooking using fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Most of our Chefs are also parents and we all share the passion in providing really top-class meals to children lucky enough to attend some of the best nurseries in Hampshire.

We feel responsible to offer a broad palette of flavours in our nursery meals as young children begin to develop their preferences. This means that our nursery meals incorporate regional specialities as well as established British favourites.

The three-week cyclic menu is arranged to provide variety both to children who attend nursery every day and to those who only visit on specific days each week.

We only use free-range eggs and Red Tractor meats in our nursery meals. Where possible we source our ingredients locally and support local independent fruiterers and butchers.

Salt is never added to our nursery meals and the majority of our puddings are fruit-based.

Nursery Meals Menu

Our nursery meals are designed around the guidance provided by the Caroline Walker Trust. Please view our current nursery meals menu here.