Healthy Eating in Nurseries and Pre-Schools

At this time of year many tend to focus on healthy eating as part of a New Year’s resolution. Here at Hungry Monsters we’re focused on healthy eating for children all year round.

As Hampshire’s most respected nursery catering supplier, healthy eating in nurseries and pre-schools is naturally top on our agenda.

School meals – healthy eating standards

“Food served in some schools and academies in England must meet the school food standards so that children have healthy, balanced diets. The school food standards apply to all maintained schools, and academies that were founded before 2010 and after June 2014. They must provide high-quality meat, poultry or oily fish, fruit and vegetables, bread, other cereals and potatoes.”

Healthy eating delivered

Hungry Monsters promote healthy eating in pre-schools and nurseries by delivering high-quality, nutritious and balanced meals. Hungry Monsters have been supplying healthy nursery meals to many satisfied nurseries and pre-schools since 2011. Using Hungry Monsters allows you, the nursery, to focus on childcare in your nursery. You do not need to employ catering staff or buy expensive equipment to serve healthy eating.

Passionate about healthy eating in nurseries

We feel responsible to offer a broad palette of flavours as young children begin to develop their preferences. Our school meals incorporate regional specialties as well as established British favourites. We only use free-range eggs and Red Tractor meats and wherever possible we source our ingredients locally. Salt is never added to our nursery meals and the majority of our puddings are fruit-based.

Healthy Eating Week

The BNF Healthy Eating Week for all nurseries and pre-schools in the UK will take place from 1 – 5 June 2015. The aim is to promote healthy eating in nurseries and schools as well as improving children’s understanding of where food comes from.

Last year 4,400 schools, representing 1.75 million children, took part in the BNF Healthy Eating Week – up 35% on the previous year. Nurseries and pre-schools throughout the UK participated and got involved in running healthy eating sessions, cooking activities, exploring where food comes from and lots more!

Healthy Eating Week has been developed by the British Nutrition Foundation. More information is available on their website but why wait until June? To deliver healthy eating for your nursery or pre-school get in touch for a free trial or any further information.