Nursery Food Suppliers

How do you choose a nursery food supplier for your nursery or pre-school?

If you are entrusting the safety of your children to nursery food suppliers, you should have absolute confidence in their food and service.

A good nursery food supplier

We’ve listed below some key ‘ingredients’ that we believe nursery food suppliers should include in their service and questions you might like to ask of the suppliers.

Healthy nursery food

We believe in healthy eating in nurseries and pre-schools. Salt should never be added to nursery meals and the majority of puddings should be fruit-based.

Nursery food menus

Are the nursery food menus nutritionally analysed? Does the nursery food supplier enable you to see a sample of their nursery meals menu?

Food variety

As young children begin to develop their preferences, it is important to offer a broad palette of flavours with their nursery food. The nursery food supplier should incorporate regional specialties as well as established British favourites.

Food standards

Does the nursery food supplier follow recommendations from The Carolyn Walker Trust and Children’s Food Trust?

Food allergies

Other questions to ask the nursery food suppliers:
Are substitute dishes offered for children with allergies? Is the nursery food supplier’s kitchen a nut-free zone and how do they avoid cross-contamination of allergens? Where do they get their food?¬†Are their products sourced from established, reputable suppliers?

Qualified, experienced and passionate nursery food suppliers

How much does the supplier appear to care about nursery catering and the food they supply?

Don’t be afraid to ask about the suppliers’ background story? How long have they been a contract catering company and what experience do they have as nursery food suppliers?

Nursery food free trial

Does the nursery food supplier offer a free trial?

Other Nurseries & Pre-Schools?

What do other nurseries and pre-schools say about their chosen nursery food suppliers? You can read our testimonials to discover why Hungry Monsters are recommended nursery food suppliers!